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Healthy Self - Heal Thy Self

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Healthy Self - Heal THY Self

For over 20 years now I have been Helping Others Help Themselves by sharing the same tools that I have used to transform my own life.

This unique coaching & mentoring service is created & designed to be a 

''WHOLE - istic'' solution,

 empowering & enabling people - 

to take personal control & responsibility for their own lives ,

to help them rediscover Inner peace, contentment & peace of mind,  

to achieve balance, abundance &  fulfilment ,

to enjoy & optimise their health & ''Well  Being'' in All areas of their lives - 

spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, inter - personally , vocationally & financially.

So if this resonates with you & you are ready to Help Yourself ,

I am  here to Help You !! 

There IS light at the end of that ''dark'' tunnel!  

Could it be that you  just need help & direction  from someone who understands what it is like because they have been there themselves ...?

The following list of questions may resonate with you.

 I personally can relate to many of these...


 Because I have experienced many of them myself!!

Are you feeling depressed, burnt out, stressed out, under extreme pressure?

Are you or do you know of someone suffering from severe anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, ME, general debility or nervous breakdown?

Do you feel trapped, controlled, manipulated, disillusioned, disrespected, deceived, 

dictated to, used & abused, taken advantage of...?

Are you at times feeling lonely, alone, unwanted or unloved, tearful or fearful, maybe those very unpleasant deep feelings of rejection & abandonment?

Do you feel that you are  unfulfilled in your job, career, business, perhaps working in toxic negative & draining environment?

 Or  do you feel you have an unhealthy work/life balance ?

 Are you feeling stressed out juggling your personal life, home life, family life with your working life & you need to do something about getting some healthy balance into your life?

Are you just frankly feeling you have had enough? - saying to yourself,

 ''I have to get out of here!!'' 

Are you '' sick & tired of being sick & tired...? ''

What about on an even more personal note - 

Are you feeling you just don't respect yourself enough or take enough care of yourself?

Do you feel you may be lacking in self worth, self esteem or self confidence?

Maybe at times, you have asked yourself questions like... 

Surely there has to be more to life than this? 

 What's it all about? 

Why is it that very often you've  no energy, no enthusiasm 

or you just can't be bothered?  

Perhaps even more deep & meaningful personal questions like -    

Who Am I ?  

What Am I ?    

What am I Really supposed to be doing with my life anyway? 

Why does my life feel so empty & meaningless? 

Why do I feel like  I just don't fit in here..? 

Why do I feel like ''a round peg in a square hole?!''

 Whether it be as a result of experiences you may be having in your personal relationships with partner, family, friends, acquaintances or in the work environment 

or imposed upon you by those with strict rigid dogmatic religious or political beliefs, 

these can be very unpleasant debilitating sensations & painful experiences.

 It may even be happening to you unconsciously & you don't even realise it until you become ill. 

Personally speaking , I  know exactly how it feels..... I have been there myself.
Because that is what happened to me.... 

I also fully understand that it takes a lot of courage to say,

 ''I need to do something about this & I need help as soon as possible''.  

After having 2 nervous breakdowns, many years of chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression & unhealthy work/life balance, in June 1998 a dear friend & previous business associate telephoned & asked me the following questions -         '' Samuel , how would you like learn how to achieve more , but by actually doing much less...?   Would you like learn how you can have a life of ease & pleasure instead of dis - ease, stress & anxiety...?''

 So it was there & then I made a conscious choice, once & for all, 

 to start making the necessary changes in my life.

With help, guidance & support  from caring mentors  I was enabled to successfully redesign myself to leading a balanced contented peaceful meaningful & fulfilled life through their patient coaching &  mentoring me in learning how to Effectively use & apply simple yet very powerful proven life transforming empowering tools. 

A number of these tools were made available through ''The Master Key'' & 

 DELFIN Trilogy Personal Empowerment Self study course & seminar  

 [ ie study of the True self & Mastery... Who Am I ? What am I ?  Why am I here? ie What is my Life Purpose?  coupled with the assistance of loving &  caring mentors , specifically the creators of DELFIN Leslie Fieger & Wally Minto. 

 The DELFIN Trilogy  is  the distillation of the Ancient Wisdom of the Ages as taught thousands of years ago in the Mystery Schools to Masters like Gallieo, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Michael Angelo etc  http://lesliefieger.ca/the-delfin-trilogy-2/

Healthy Self - Heal Thy Self


So if this resonates with you & you are ready to Help Yourself ,

I AM  here to Help You !! 

It is an honour & a privilege to Help Others who are ready to Help Themselves

 Feel free to contact me by telephone or on the email address as shown above or click on  the ''Contact'' page   to arrange an appointment for a consultation.

Your confidentiality & privacy will be respected at all times.

 Please feel free to explore this website further to learn how  I  can ''Help you Help Yourself''  transform your own life the way you desire it to be.