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Samuel Jennings 

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Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor 


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In All Areas of Your Life 



Are you feeling depressed, extreme stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, general debility or nervous breakdown?

Do you feel trapped, controlled, manipulated, disillusioned, disrespected, deceived, 

dictated to, used & abused, lonely, alone, unwanted, unloved, rejection, abandonment, unfulfilled, burnt out, stressed out, unhealthy work/life balance,

low self worth, self esteem or self confidence?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like... 

Surely there has to be more to life than this?  What's it all about? 

Why am I always feeling so tired, no energy, no enthusiasm?     

Who Am I ? What Am I ?    

Why do I feel like ''a round peg in a square hole''?

Why does my life feel so empty & meaningless? 

What am I supposed to be doing with my life? 

 Whether it be as a result of experiences we may be having in our personal relationships with partner, family, friends, acquaintances or in the work environment 

or from those with strict rigid dogmatic religious or political beliefs, 

these can be very unpleasant painful sensations & experiences.

 It may even be happening to us unconsciously & we don't even realise it until the we become ill. 

Personally speaking , Samuel knows exactly how it feels..... he has been there himself.
Because that is what happened to him. 

He also fully understands that it takes a lot of courage to say,

 ''I need help''.  

After 2 nervous breakdowns, many years of chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression & unhealthy work/life balance, 

Samuel successfully redesigned his own life through the application of very powerful proven life transforming tools, coupled with the assistance of caring mentors. 

For over 20 years now Samuel has been Helping Others Help Themselves by sharing these same tools that he has used to transform his own life. His unique coaching & mentoring service is designed to be a ''Whole - istic'' solution, empowering & enabling people to take personal responsibilty for their own lives, to have  ''Well  Being'' balance, abundance &  fulfillment in All areas of life  -  spiritually, emotionally , mentally , physically, inter - personally , vocationally & financially 

Healthy Self - Heal Thy Self

So if this resonates with you please feel free to explore this website further to learn how he can help you to transform your own life the way you desire it to be.


So if this resonate with you & you are ready to Help Yourself ,

Samuel is here to Help You !!  

So feel free to contact him to arrange an appointment for a consultation.

Your confidentiality & privacy will be respected at all times.