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Samuel Jennings 

Well Being Coach &


Spiritual Life Coach,

Relationship Coach & Twin Flame Mentor.

Business Transformation & Effectiveness Coach,

Improvement & Performance Facilitator.

Workshop & Group Facilitator.

Keynote Speaker

Co Founder of 

''The Awakening Academy'' 


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Helping You Find

Peace of Mind,

Have Fulfilling Relationships

& Maximise Well Being 

In ALL areas of Your life.

''Recover Your WHOLE Self - 

   From the Inside Out''

I was brought up Christian in a home in Northern Ireland during the notorious ''troubles'' . Both my parents were Christian , but not of the either Catholic or Protestant tradition.  

We lived & worked together peacefully & harmoniously with all our neighbours enjoying a harmonious community spirit.

 I have no religious  or political persuasion whatsoever.

 I respect Everyone, irrespective of their tradition or beliefs.

I spent many years of my life searching for happiness, peace of mind & fulfilment  outside my true self, 

in Christian beliefs, in relationships, searching for the ''ideal'' partner & 

working hard in business striving to achieve material success, 

all of which led to unhealthy work/life balance , burnout 

2 nervous breakdowns,  years of M.E. , chronic fatigue, anxiety,  depression & suicidal thoughts.

Thankfully in June 1998 a dear friend & previous business associate kindly telephoned me & asked me the following questions  -   

 '' Samuel , how would you like to discover how to achieve more ,

 but by actually doing much less?''   

 ''Would you like learn how you can have a much easier fulfilling & rewarding life instead of all the pressure, worry, anxiety & stress?''  

  So it was there & then I made a conscious choice, once & for all, to commit to learning how to make the necessary changes & apply them in my life.  

  For 21 years now I have been Helping Others Help Themselves by sharing the same tools that I have used to transform my own life.  

  This unique coaching & mentoring service is created & designed to be a ''WHOLE - istic''  solution,  empowering & enabling people to  -    
  take personal control & responsibility for their own lives ,  
  help them re-discover Inner peace, contentment & peace of mind,    
  achieve balance, abundance & fulfilment ,  
  enjoy & optimise their health & ''Well Being'' in All areas of their lives -    
  spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, inter - personally , vocationally & financially.  
  Perhaps some of the following questions  may resonate with you.  
  Are you feeling depressed, burnt out, stressed out, under extreme pressure?  
  Do you feel that you are unfulfilled in your job, career or business? 

   Are you working in toxic negative & draining environment?  
  Do you feel you have an unhealthy work/life balance ?  
  Are you '' sick & tired of being sick & tired...? ''  
  Do you feel you may be lacking in self worth, self esteem or self confidence?  
  Have you ever asked yourself questions like -  

   Why are my relationships not working?

   Is there something wrong with me?
  Surely,  there has to be more to life than this?     
  Why does my life feel so empty & meaningless?     

   What am I Really supposed to be doing with my life anyway?    
  I personally can relate to many of the above.. 

 Because I have experienced many of them myself!!   

   I also fully understand that it takes a lot of courage to say, 

 ''I need to do something about this & I need help as soon as possible''.    

  So if this resonates with you

       & you are ready to learn

           How to Help Yourself ,

        I AM here to Help You !! 

              There IS Hope !!  

 There IS Light at the end of that 

              ''dark'' tunnel!  

          I Changed My life, 

              So Can YOU !


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