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Are you feeling depressed, extreme stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, general debility, burnout or nervous breakdown?

Do you feel trapped...controlled...

manipulated... depressed...disillusioned...


deceived... dictated to...

taken advantage of,

used & abused...

not good enough...

over worked...overwhelmed...

burnt out...stressed out... 

anxious... alone ...lonely...unloved...

not appreciated

lacking in self confidence...

self worth, self esteem, self love 


 Whether it be from our personal relationships, partner, family, friends, acquaintances or in the workplace or even from those with strict rigid dictatorial dogmatic religious or political fear based beliefs, 

these can be very unpleasant painful experiences.  

Prolonged exposure to these toxic behaviours or environments can lead to stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, challenges in our relationships & debilitating illness affecting us on all levels - 

spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, inter personally, vocationally & financially

Have you ever asked yourself questions like...

Why am I feeling so disillusioned?      

Who Am I?  What Am I ?  

Why Am I here?   

What is my True identity? 

Why does my life feel unfulfilled & 


Why do I feel ''like a roundpeg in a square hole''? 

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?   

 What is my Life Purpose...?

What is my purpose in life?

If you have , I completely understand.

These are all feelings I had too ...

Until I got the necessary help,tools, direction & mentoring to help me help myself

My goal is to

 help you help yourself, 

to help you re-imagine, envision & redesign your life the way you desire it to be ...

to help you let go of limiting disempowering thoughts and 

behaviors that undermine you, 

so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. 

"Thank you Samuel for helping me open my eyes to different perspectives and views of  myself which have helped me move forward....

Your guidance will be  forever appreciated"  

Kathleen McHugh , Alternative Therapist, England

Professionalism and Experience


After having had 2 nervous breakdowns,   years of chronic fatigue,

anxiety & depression 

plus too many years of unhealthy work/life balance, 

on the ''hamster wheel'', 

 in the ''rat race'' 

working too long & working too much,

pursuing & striving for fulfilment in  material success & relationships,

I successfully redesigned my own life through the application of very powerful proven life transforming tools 

& mentoring,

specifically ''The Master Key'' &  DELFIN Trilogy Personal Empowerment Self study course & seminar   [ study of the True self... Who Am I ? What am I ?  Why am I here? ie What is my Life Purpose? ]  coupled with the assistance of loving &  caring mentors , specifically the creators of DELFIN Leslie Fieger & Wally Minto. 

The DELFIN Trilogy  is  the distillation of the Ancient Wisdom of the Ages as taught thousands of years ago in the Mystery Schools to Masters like Gallieo, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Michael Angelo etc  


So when I  transformed my own life

 over 20 years ago, I felt inspired to reach out & share these life changing &

 empowering tools with others.

After many years of extensive experience of mentoring & helping others as a 

 Well Being Coach, Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Facilitator

 & Mentor 

with a vast history of client success stories, 

my individualised approach

 of sharing  the tools that I used to transform my own life, 

that as you utilise these tools , 

with my mentoring, I am confident they 

will also help you achieve the

 life you desire... 

And deserve!

It is such an honour & privilege

 to help people create the life

 they desire & imagine &

 get a renewed sense of self. 

So if you are ready 

I can help you change your life so that it is filled with 

well being, hope, contentment, vitality, enthusiasm, peace of mind &


Well Being in Every  area of Your life!

You Deserve it!

Because You're Worth It!!


 So if you are seriously interested in helping yourself,  

I will do whatever I can to help you

 "Well Samuel, where do I  start...

You have been amazing to me  as a friend  mentor & life coach...

but most of all you've been like my own personal  Angel. 

Someone with a mountain of knowledge & wisdom & ever ready to share....

as well as steering me in the right direction, 

if need  be...

So for all of this & so much more, 

I'd like to  say...Thankyou!! 

I'm a better person because of you

 Sinead Hartley, Northern Ireland


Supportive Journey



Have you ever heard 

''when the pupil is ready,

the teachers appear''?  

Encouraging and caring mentors to take us by the hand ,  

who understand what it feels like, 

 who have had the same or similar experiences, 

who changed their own lives & 

are now dedicating their lives to help others.  

Someone who says - 

 ''Yes! You too can do this ….

 I was once there too!!  

There IS light at the end of the tunnel ''

Getting the help & direction to get to the underlying cause is the key...  

Isn't so true that when we deal with the  underlying cause,

then the symptoms disappear....

So if I did it, 

anyone can do it..

And So Can You!  

Now it's an honour & privilege to help those who may be experiencing similar life challenging  experiences

 by sharing the tools that helped me to recover my well being to live a  wholesome fulfilled healthy contented & balanced life

"During the last couple of months I  have been to hell and back several times. 

And every time I went down,  

Samuel felt it from a distance and came to my  rescue with his inspiring words and thoughts. 

I still have a long way to  go before I find my inner balance and can accept my past. 

But with  Samuels help & guidance I know I will achieve my goal, to forgive my  past self, accept my present self & work towards eternal inner  peace and balance. 

Thank you Samuel "  

 Sabine, Belgium

"Many years ago I had the pleasure  of meeting Samuel Jennings , a spiritual  life coach & mentor who was conducting meetings, workshops & courses throughout Ireland. 

He  conveyed to people the simplicity of life and how to acquire a life of  peace and fulfilment.  

Samuel himself and what he teaches & shares  as outlined here at  www.samueljennings.life has been & continues to be a  great asset to my life.  

I will be forever grateful to him and pray that  he will continue to enlighten and touch many hearts through the powerful  message he carries."  

Francie Murray, Retired Business Owner, Northern Ireland

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