'Human doings' to Spiritual Beings having a human experience


Changing from ''human doings'' to Spiritual Beings having a human experience''

Samuel's Background & His Own Personal Experience

Samuel here... 

Thankyou for being drawn to this site. 

 If my personal story & experience resonates with you & you would like my help,  

I would be an honour & privilege to help you.

So I trust that you will allow me to help you. I know & understand that it takes a lot of courage to say, ''I need help''.

A bit of my own personal  background, journey & experience... 

some of this may also resonate with you...
 I was brought up Christian in a family that was neither Catholic or Protestant in Northern Ireland during the notorious ''troubles'',

  My parents & family circle followed a fundamentalist religious  tradition where many of the fear & control based beliefs I never felt at  ease with.
I left school at 17 & became an employee in one of the leading banks here in Ireland.
At age 18, I began reading personal growth & development books & started a part time business.
At 21, I became my own boss & went into business full time.

So after a few years in the ''rat race'' & ''on the hamster wheel'' of unhealthy work/life balance[ which I didn't realise]
in excessive pursuit of material wealth,
striving for approval, to be better, to do better,
over working, stressed out,
looking outside myself for fulfilment,
searching for love &  the ideal partner,
obsessed with getting the desirable body physique by being addicted to my physical fitness regime.....

So 7 years later, in 1990 I had my first bout of chronic fatigue at age 28 & instead of working 15 hours per day,
I had to sleep 15 hours per day!
When I ran out of energy, I was taken off my feet & had to stop chasing!!
Simply put, I was burnt out.

 So for the next 7 years or so I was trying desperately to find the help  to recover from ME / Chronic fatigue / Nervous exaustion / Burn out....
I was searching for answers & asking myself many questions like –
How could this happen to me- being a non drinker, non smoker, health & fitness conscious ?
Why am I feeling like this?
What is going on in my life...?

Why do I feel like ''a round peg in a square hole? ''
Why has this happened?
Could it be these things have happened to me for a reason...?
Will I ever get rid of these dark clouds of depression...?
Is there light at the end of the tunnel...?

 So eventually in 1998 at age 35, after 7 years soul searching  questions, looking for help in personal growth & development courses  / seminars plus alternative therapies, all of which was helpful  although not addressing the underlying cause,
I eventually found the  answers that helped me address the cause & help myself recover my  well being on All levels for which I am so very grateful.


Now it's an honour & privilege to help others.... as a
Well Being, Relationship, Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor
 sharing with others who may be experiencing similar life challenging  experiences the tools that helped me to recover my well being to live a  wholesome fulfilled healthy contented & balanced life


Samuels personal experience - how he got help with depression & overcame it

Become Your Own GURU

Gee  yoU  aRe  yoU

All the answers are Within Ourselves.... 

 My role as Well Being,Relationship,Spiritual Life & Mentor is to help & show you How to Help Yourself  overcome chronic fatigue, anxiety symptoms & get help with depression

Changing from human ''doings'' to Spiritual Beings

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 Changing from human ''doings'' to Spiritual Beings having a human experience