'Human doings' to Spiritual Beings having a human experience


Changing from ''human doings'' to Spiritual Beings having a human experience''

Samuel's Own Personal Background & Own Personal Experience

Thank yourself for being drawn to this site. 

 If my personal story & experience resonates with you & you would like my help, it would be an honour & privilege to help you help Yourself....

So I trust that you will allow me to help you. 

I know & understand that it takes a lot of courage to say, 

'I need help''.

A bit of my own personal  background, journey & experience... 

some of this may also resonate with you...
 I was brought up Christian in a family that was neither Catholic or Protestant in Northern Ireland during the notorious ''troubles'',

  My parents & family circle followed a fundamentalist religious  tradition where many of the fear & control based beliefs I never felt at  ease with.

 At age 7, I already felt I had more in common with the family pets than I had with my family!

At age 14 I prayed for wisdom & for many years , I sought for wisdom.
I left school at 17, feeling that I had already received too much of the education system ''programming'' & became an employee in one of the leading banks here in Ireland.
At age 18, my insatiable search for meaning led me to becoming a voracious reader of  personal growth & development books. So also at 18 I started out in business, part time business in network marketing.
So at age 21, I had enough of working as an employee in an institutionalised system & I became my own boss & went into business full time.

So after a few years in the ''rat race'' & ''on the hamster wheel'' of unhealthy work/life balance[ which I didn't realise]
in excessive pursuit of material wealth,
striving for approval, to be better, to do better,
over working, stressed out,
looking outside myself for fulfilment,
searching for love &  the ideal partner,
obsessed with getting the desirable body physique by being addicted to my physical fitness regime.....

So 7 years later, in 1990 I had my first bout of chronic fatigue at age 28 & instead of working 15 hours per day,
I had to sleep 15 hours per day!
When I ran out of energy, I was taken off my feet & had to stop chasing fulfilment outside my True self!!
Frankly & simply put, I was burnt out.

 So for the next 7 years or so I was trying desperately to find the help  to recover from ME / Chronic fatigue / Nervous exaustion / Burn out....
I was searching for answers & asking myself many questions like –
How could this happen to me- being a non drinker, non smoker, so health & fitness conscious ?
Why am I feeling like this?
What is going on in my life...?

Why do I feel like ''a round peg in a square hole? ''
Why has this happened to ME?
Could it be these things have happened to me for a reason...?
Will I ever get rid of these dark clouds of depression...?
Is there light at the end of the tunnel...?

 So eventually in 1998 at age 35, after  almost 30 years of soul searching  questions, looking for help in Christianity, personal growth & development courses  / seminars  eg. the world famous Brian Tracey & of course Anthony Robbins , ''Unleash the Power Within'' seminar in  Birmingham , UK in 1993 plus alternative therapies, all of which was indeed very  helpful  although not addressing the underlying cause.
So at long last, I eventually found the  answers Within my True Self , the I AM Within, through the assistance of meditation &  a self- study [ study of the True Self] course called the DELFIN Trilogy & seminar , http://lesliefieger.ca/the-delfin-trilogy-2/    combined with the associated support from empowering loving &  caring mentors, specifically the creators of DELFIN, Leslie Fieger & Wally Minto ,who  helped me address the cause & help myself recover my  Well Being on All levels ...

 All of which I am eternally grateful.

      For over 20 years now I have been  dedicated to Helping Others Help Themselves by sharing these same tools that I have proved &  used to transform my own life.

 My unique coaching & mentoring service is designed to be a ''WHOLE - istic'' solution, empowering & enabling people to take ownersip & personal responsibilty for their entire lives, to have  ''Well  Being'' balance, abundance &  fulfillment in All areas of life  -  spiritually, emotionally , mentally , physically, inter - personally , vocationally & financially  .

It surely is an honour & privilege to help others.... living my Life Purpose as a
Well Being, Relationship, Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor
 sharing with others who may be experiencing similar life challenging  experiences the tools that helped me to recover my well being to live a  wholesome fulfilled healthy contented & balanced life

So if this resonate with you & you are ready to Help Yourself ,

 I am here to Help You !!  


How Samuel got help with depression & overcame it

Become Your Own GURU

Gee  yoU  aRe  yoU

All the answers are Within Ourselves.... 

 My role as Well Being,Relationship,Spiritual Life & Mentor is to help & show you How to Help Yourself  overcome chronic fatigue, anxiety symptoms & get help with depression

Changing from human ''doings'' to Spiritual Beings

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 Changing from human ''doings'' to Spiritual Beings having a human experience

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