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"During the last couple of months I  have been to hell and back several times. 

And every time I went down, Samuel felt it from a distance and came to my  rescue with his inspiring words and thoughts. 

I still have a long way to  go before I find my inner balance and can accept my past. 

But with  Samuels help & guidance I know I will achieve my goal, to forgive my  past self, accept my present self & work towards eternal inner  peace and balance. 

Thank you Samuel  

Sabine, Belgium


"I have known Samuel Jennings of  samueljennings.life for over 16 years. I met him in his capacity as a  Life Coach , Wellness Coach and Mentor. 

I have always found him to be inspirational and  uplifting - giving me food for thought that I can apply to my everyday  life. 

I have always found him easy to listen to and he has excellent  communication skills. Samuel at samueljennings.life has run Weekend  Seminars throughout the country and has a deep passion to help others  and I know he will continue to do so."  

Anne George, Retired Secretary, Northern Ireland


"Many years ago I had the pleasure  of meeting Samuel Jennings of  samueljennings.life , a life coach and  mentor who was conducting meetings & courses throughout Ireland in conjunction with the http://lesliefieger.ca/the-delfin-trilogy-2/

He  conveyed to people the simplicity of life and how to acquire a life of  peace and fulfilment. 

 Samuel himself and what he teaches & shares  as outlined here at samueljennings.life has been & continues to be a  great asset to my life. 

I will be forever grateful to him and pray that  he will continue to enlighten and touch many hearts through the powerful  message he carries."  

 Francie Murray, Retired Business Owner, Northern Ireland


"I'd like to thank you Samuel for the amazing guidance and support you have given  me over the last year!   I appreciate where I am today! 

Thank you again  Samuel!"  

 Pauline, England


"Samuel of samueljennings.life is  terrific at taking it back to basics.

 Back to you. 

After my break up I  consulted with Samuel. 

He helped me be fully grounded and appreciate  certain situations as "my bridge" to moving on.

 I'm there now, thanks to  his help.

 I have recommended him to my clients in www.thematchmaker.ie  and know he has their best interest at heart. 

I'm more than happy to  recommend Samuel of samueljennings.life as a superb coach and mentor"  

Sharon Kenny, Dublin, Ireland


"I have known Samuel of  samueljennings.life as a friend for the last 30 years. 

20 years ago he  introduced me to a home Self study course, called the Delfin Knowledge  System.       http://lesliefieger.ca/the-delfin-trilogy-2/

This course enabled & empowered me & helped  me greatly in my interpersonal skills. It also gave valuable insight  into learning how to deal with and manage problem which arise in both my  personal and business life. Samuel  has a great  gift of being able connect with people and coach and mentor them towards  a better well-being in all areas of life. 

He is able to do this through  a light-hearted and joyful manner which in turn builds great  friendships. I trust Samuel & samueljennings.life completely and his  ability to coach and mentor people of all ages and abilities. 

It is  with great pleasure that I am recommending Samuel &  samueljennings.life to deliver coaching and mentoring of the highest  standard and quality. "  

Paddy O’ Reilly, Bailieborough, Ireland


"Well Samuel, where do I  start...

You have been amazing to me  as a friend  mentor & coach...but most of all you've been like my own personal  Angel. 

Someone with a mountain of knowledge & wisdom & ever ready to share....

as well as steering me in the right direction, if need  be...

So for all of this & so much more, I'd like to  say...Thankyou!! 

I'm a better person because of you Samuel  ''.

 Sinead Hartley, Northern Ireland


"I want to say Thankyou  to Samuel of  samueljennings.life  for all the Guidance you are giving me at this  time, helping to guide me through the Ascension Process. 

Just knowing  you are there as a mentor and to answer any questions I have is such a  comfort..... 

Also your  videos here at samueljennings.life & on  Youtube you have recorded have been So Helpful & Informative...."  

Dawn , England


"Thank you Samuel for helping me open my eyes to different perspectives and views of  myself which have helped me move forward....

Your guidance will be  forever appreciated" 

 Kathleen McHugh , 

Alternative Therapist, England


"Samuel of  samueljennings.life is a leading edge creator of a reality that shines  his light.

 He is raising awareness & teaches people to live more  consciously & in line with their hearts desires. He inspired my work  & assisted me on my spiritual with his attuned videos, interactions  & channelled Light codes from the Divine Source. 

From my heart I highly recommend Samuel of samueljennings.life & I honour &  revere my connection with him. 

Thankyou Samuel for your inspired work  & channeling that is helping so many people to awaken to their True  selves. Namaste"  

 Livia Radulescu, Alternative Health Practioner, Cork, Ireland & Romania

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