Spiritual Coach Transcend fear based beliefs & Rediscover the TRUTH WITHIN


Transcending, Overcoming, Releasing limiting disempowering inhibiting destructive fear based beliefs.......
 Enabling us to Re - Discover our True Essence, Inner Peace & the TRUTH WITHIN that sets Us FREE,
our Divinity & Creative Unlimited Potential -
 that We Are Eternal & Infinite Love & Light BE - ings
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What Really IS the Ascension Process? 5 Stages & Symptoms

Inspired video by Samuel Jennings, Spiritual Coach, Life Coach & Relationship Coach

What Really IS the Ascension Process?/  the 5 Stages  of the Ascension Process recapped / The I AM Diagram / Ascension Process  symptoms



How to Stay in our Peace - as the Earth Changes&World Geo Political Upheavals increase

Introduction to Samuel - his own journey & experience


Check out this great video
Introduction to Samuel & his own life experience journey... how he transformed himself ...

Be Your Own Life Coach
Become your Own G U R U -
Gee  yoU  aRe  yoU...
All the answers are Within Ourselves....
My role as Well Being,Relationship,Spiritual Life & Mentor
is to help & show you How to Help Yourself  

Attitude of Gratitude

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Attitude of Gratitude-

 the Importance, Significance & Magical  Power of an Attitude of Gratitude & Thankfullness 

Relationships - Why they are Changing..

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Relationships - Why they are Changing....  

As we change  our own lives for the better, 

our relationships inevitably also change for the better !

Changing from human doings - to Spiritual Beings

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Changing from human ''doings'' - 

to Spiritual Beings having a human experience

This era we are now living in is possibly  the most challenging , yet the most exciting period for  the human species

Search for the Hero - M People

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Search for the Hero - M People

We all looking & searching for that hero...

someone or something outside Ourselves... 

Until we eventually realise that it was Always Already INSIDE Ourselves

What have You done today to make you feel Proud - M People

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The Greatest Love of All , Love Yourself - George Benson

Check out this GREAT video

The Greatest Love Of ALL is Learning to Love OURSELVES - 

We all look & search for love...

from someone outside Ourselves ... 

another or others to love us to feel loved  & for us to love them .

Until eventually we realise that the love we seek is Always Already WITHIN Ourselves

We Must Fall IN Love with Our TRUE selves First 

How can we share with another or others until we find it WITHIN Ourselves?

We can't share what We haven't got to share...

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